The NFL Will Fine Teams Posting Too Many Videos To Social Media

Cord cutters and changing viewing habits have impacted TV ratings across the board. For awhile, it seemed as if the NFL was immune to sagging ratings. Apparently that has changed this season and the League is fully aware. In a move some think is meant to bolster their TV ratings, the NFL will begin fining teams for putting too much video on social media.

Per MMQB’s Albert Breer the NFL will have a restriction on teams social media before and during games. The new policy is set to begin Wednesday, October 12th. Teams will be limited to reposting videos from the official NFL accounts on social media. Videos posted on Snapchat will have a little more leeway.

The first offense will cost up to $25,000, a second of up to $50,000 and a third offense could be as much as $100,000 as well as losing the right to re-post official league content. The league has denied ratings are the reason behind this change, but the timing of it seems to suggest otherwise.

Why would you want to put limits on teams promoting the game if it didn’t have some sort of fiscal impact?