The NFL In Los Angeles… Again??

AEG owner Philip Anschutz

I know this topic has been run into the ground but, a couple of things happened yesterday that AGAIN indicate Los Angeles will have an NFL team. It was reported that Philip Anschutz “has or will purchase” 35 percent of the Chargers. This is significant because Philip is the Owner of AEG, the group that owns Staples Center and the Home Depot Center in L.A. (and a percentage of the Lakers and Sparks) Not only is AEG working on plans to build an arena near Staples that can be home to a football team (and other events), Magic Johnson has stated that he is partnering with AEG to bring an NFL franchise to L.A.

On Tuesday night, Magic was on Jimmy Kimmel where he confirmed that the group is looking into existing franchises because Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, isn’t interested in expanding the league via expansion at this time.

However, according to the San Diego Union Tribune the reports are false. Chargers team counsel Mark Fabiani emailed reporters with the following statement, There is no truth to the rumor out of Toronto that the Chargers have agreed to sell a portion of the team to Mr. Anschutz.”

Interestingly enough in previous comments, Fabiani had this to say, “If AEG buys a piece of this team, then people have a right to be concerned.”

4 more weeks to go in the NFL regular season, it only makes sense that the rumors of a Chargers-Los Angeles reunion continue to swirl. The Chargers are a mere 200 miles away from L.A., actually played their inaugural season here and the team would like a new stadium but the city of San Diego isn’t interested in using public funds to assist with this.

Some how there will be an NFL team in my city. I think we NEED that to happen. Maybe it’ll deepen my appreciation for the sport if that happens… MAYBE