Bankable: The Most Marketable Superstars in All of Sports

Being an athlete is a far different life than almost anything you could imagine. When you get paid to play, life is great. When you stand out from the team around you and become one of the best, life is even better. Is your favorite athlete one of the most marketable superstars in all of sports? Read on to find out!

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Roger Federer

One of the most marketable superstars in sports is Roger Federer, a well known Swiss tennis player. According to the London School of Marketing, the seven time champion made a whopping 43 million pounds in one year, and 87% of that came from endorsements of various products. Sure, winning championships is lucrative, but not as much as winning the attention of the mainstream!

Stephen Curry

Another marketable superstar in sports is Stephen Curry of The Golden State Warriors. Not only is the guy the team’s most valuable player, but he is also among the most marketable of the entire sport. Rupucom, a company that analyzes sports and entertainment, placed Curry among the top basketball players in the world for marketability. When you’re only at the young age of 27, that’s something few people can relate to. Curry is extremely marketable because of his attitude and ability to stay grounded. When 18-34 year olds were recently anonymously polled about their sports opinions, Curry came out on top and was listed as their favorite athlete. On top of that, Curry has the best selling jersey, with fans willing to pay money for a Curry youth All Star Jersey.

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Christiano Ronaldo

And finally, but certainly not least, Christiano Ronaldo might be the most marketable athlete on the planet today. The star of the Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team is instantly recognizable by over 80% of people around the world just by his face alone. That’s a statistic that will have Ronaldo running to the bank very often—especially with such high dollar endorsements as Nike in his back pocket.

So, there you have it. Three of the most bankable athletes in the world today. Got any opinions on who else should be on this list? Let us know and we’ll follow up with this list as more great stars take the world over one game at a time.

By Julia Salem