Tech News: Steph Curry and Chris Paul Both Launch New Apps

Professional athletes are always looking for areas to expand their brand. When they can do that and combine it with technology to give themselves and fans better ways to get closer, it’s a win for everyone.

Two NBA superstar point guards have dropped apps that aim for very different targets.

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has launched his own startup aimed at helping athletes to filter through the BS on their social media so they can interact with the real fans and bypass the trolls.

Via  Digital Sport

The California-based company, named Slyce, promises to improve the way athletes and other influential people engage with their followers on social media by making it more organized and filtering out much of the noise.

The platform integrates with Facebook and Twitter and acts as an intermediary between athletes and their fans by sifting through inbound traffic in order to filter out the most relevant interactions.

Curry teamed up with former Nike employees and friends Bryant Barr  and Jason Mayden to launch Slyce.

Barr came up with the premise for the platform after noting that Curry’s social media activity had begun to slide as he gained more followers on social media.

Barr and Curry were teammates while attending Davidson in college,

Meanwhile LA Clippers star Chris Paul wants to help you improve your game.


Game Vision by Chris Paul, says it can help anyone from pilots to drivers and athletes see images better and process them faster, in just 10 minutes of daily play.

Nimrod Madar, CEO of Innovision Labs, was confident he had real technology to make Paul—and any athlete—process what they see faster.  The technology has been tested on pilots, professional baseball players and more.

“I am proud to be a part of this groundbreaking app that will help basketball players and athletes of all ages and all levels unlock their true potential. This new technology can be a game-changer for athletes seeking to make quicker, better decisions and gain competitive advantage.” – Chris Paul

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