Suspended Saints LB Jonathan Vilma files lawsuit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is not taking his suspension for the Saints bounty scandal lightly. Of course there was an appeal filed but Vilma took it a step further and filed a lawsuit against Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner for defamation.

In Jonathan Vilma v. Roger Goodell.” Vilma alleges that Goodell in “speaking publicly” about the linebacker “made public statements concerning Vilma which were false, defamator and injurious” to Vilma’s reputation.

“By this action, Vilma seeks to recover damages for defamatory statements made by Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the National Football League (‘NFL’),” the complaint reads. “Vilma is a professional football player for the New Orleans Saints (‘Saints’), a Member Club of the NFL. Goodell, speaking publicly about certain Saints executives, coaches and players, in relation to purported efforts designed to injure opposing players, made public statements concerning Vilma which were false, defamatory and injurious to Vilma’s professional and personal reputation.”

You can read a complete copy of the complaint HERE


Suing ones employer usually has an adverse effect on future employment possibilities. But considering that Roger Goodell is the beginning and end in the NFL process, if Vilma is really innocent in the bounty scandal, this could get sticky and expose said “whistle blower” in the process.

Vilma had a message for his doubters today on Twitter as well.