Sean “Diddy” Combs “I will be the 1st NFL African-American majority owner” [video]

Can you imagine an NFL team ran by Sean “Diddy” Combs? Not to be outdone by Jay Z taking a minority interest in the Nets, and flipping it into a major brand. Diddy has said that he wants to be the first black majority owner of an NFL team.



Could Diddy do it? Diddy’s music cable network, Revolt, launches today -October 21st- is almost a carbon copy of MTV’s launch in the early 80’s.


Marketing will be Diddy’s focus, after he amasses the best talent around to run the operations. We know he has an eye for talent- Biggie, Stevie J… Cassie.

Diddy’s “wins” criss-cross areas spanning from music executive and artist; fashion, liquor, television and film. Forbes has his estimated 2012 worth at $550 million.


Diddy also mentions that he and Jay Z push each other and share information. Team