Ryan Lochte Loses All Endorsements After Rio Exaggeration

After a successful Olympic run in the pool in Rio, I’m sure Gold medalist Ryan Lochte is wishing he could drop the whole experience in rice. The aftermath has Lochte looking funny in the light after it was revealed he lied about events that took place in the early-morning hours of August 14th.

Earlier this week it was reported that Lochte loss several endorsers – Speedo dropped the 12 time medalist, and Ralph Lauren opted not to renew his contract. In addition to those, two other brands who have dropped the 32-year-old swimmer.

Lochte, who recently came clean about his embellishment of the “robbery attempt” that was first reported in the early-morning hours of Aug. 14. Lochte and other members of the US men’s swim team destroyed a door at a gas station. The group was then allegedly held by security guards with guns at the gas station until they paid a fee to be released.

When asked by NBC’s Matt Lauer whether his original version of the story could cost him his endorsements, Lochte answered it could.

“And that’s something I’m going to have to live with,” Lochte said.

Lochte faces potential disciplinary action from the U.S. Olympic Committee, with CEO Scott Blackmun saying Sunday that further action was coming. USA Swimming and the IOC could both sanction Lochte.

Veteran Today Show anchor Al Roker had strong words for the swimmer.