Problems between Warriors head coach Mark Jackson and assistant Brian Scalabrine

Golden State Warriors v Denver Nuggets

Something is going on with the coaching staff in Golden State. Assistant coach Brian Scalabrine’s job is being changed up because of tension between Scalabrine and head coach Mark Jackson.

Ownership and management  really like Scalabrine and  don’t want to let him slip away, But Warriors officials decided that as long as Jackson is the head coach, he’ll have control of his coaching staff per Yahoo Sports:


It is immediately unclear what kind of a role to which the Warriors will transition Scalabrine, but management has no intention of letting him leave the organization, sources said.

Over the past two years, Jackson’s difficulty with managing his coaching staff and creating a functional work environment has developed into one of the issues that threatens his future on the job, league sources said.

This is the second assistant that Jackson personally brought in that he’s had issues with. Former assistant Michael Malone would reportedly have falling outs and go weeks without speaking to each other. Malone is now the head coach of the Sacramento Kings.

Jackson, in his third year at the helm of the Warriors, has one year left on his contract, but has come under increased scrutiny within the organization for how he has run the team and worked on the job. There have been no conversations about an extension for Jackson – nor are they expected to take place, sources said.

I was told  before the season that Malone was who should get the credit for the Warriors success last season. And to expect to see a different Warriors team this season, even though the talent is virtually the same. Looks as if there was some prophecy in those statements.