Did Tristian Thompson Sucker Punch Draymond Green?

Remember during the NBA Finals when Warriors number one trash talker Draymond Green said he didn’t shake Cavs Tristian Thompson‘s hand because they weren’t cut the same? Dray said Thompson could see him in the streets this summer if he wanted to talk about it.

First, we’ll take a look at the Game 1 altercation that sparked the beef.

Word is that Tristian took Day Day up on his offer during ESPYs week in LA and the end result was someone got punched.

The altercation reportedly happened at West Hollywood hotspot, Delilah. In the building were Thompson, Green and their finals teammates LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

Green attempted to apologize for his finals comments but Thompson wasn’t having it and allegedly sucker punched Green. It took KD and LeBron to break it up.

Tristian has a lot of pressure on him, remember he’s trying to redeem himself after the cheating scandal that came out last April. A lot of players are burnt out on Draymond’s antics and nonstop talk, so the news that someone handled him was reportedly met with “it’s about time.”

In case you doubt the validity of the story because it took a couple of weeks to leak, Fox’s Jason McIntyre actually tweeted about the incident without identifying the players the day after the incident.

Do you believe that Tristian stepped to Draymond and popped off? Or do you think people are exaggerating with the details of the interaction.