Philadelphia Eagles DB Asante Samuel Still Mad At Team Owners

Philadelphia Eagles DB Asante Samuel is still mad. Mad that he was on the trading block and mad at the Eagles owners for their “fantasy football” approach to filling out NFL rosters. Samuel’s followed up his radio interview from last Saturday with more soundbites.

“Andy and I talked and cleared it up,” said Samuel at his locker Wednesday. “Everything has been good with me and Andy — that’s my guy. That’s who I play for, that’s who I continue to play for; I’ll go to war for Andy. It is what it is, all the other stuff upstairs.”

Samuel is also quoted as saying those men upstairs “probably never played football” and are “playing a little fantasy football.”

“It doesn’t sit well with me, I’ve been nothing but what they expected me to be when they brought me there — 22, 23 interceptions over my years, broke playoff records. Obviously they don’t want me there so life goes on. So we’ll see where I’ll be at.”

“That sucks, doesn’t it? At the trade deadline for your name to be just flying around, and you’re supposed to be the leader of the team. That sucks, right? It’s all good; it’s a business.”

It IS a business though. A cut throat one to boot. Did he forget that quickly about the lockout last summer? Yes it sucks, and he’s not wrong to think that loyalty should be shown for his hard work and dedication but, keep it all in perspective. After all, he could be like Bears player Chris Harris, he was complaining, got benched and then waived today… during a Bye week.

Damn Craig (that’s a Friday reference) ::giggle::