Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith says he never told Stan Van Gundy Dwight Howard wanted him fired

Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith gave an interview to Lisa Salters before the Magic beat the Sixers 88-82 on Saturday. Smith denied coach Stan Van Gundy’s allegations that Dwight Howard asked to have him fired.

“He never asked me; I didn’t have that knowledge,” Smith said.

Van Gundy said Thursday he knew Howard, the Magic’s franchise player, had asked that he be fired. Smith said both parties were to blame for the public dispute.

“If he did ask he’s wrong, and for Stan to address it in public, that is wrong,” Smith said.

:blank stare:


Smith should stop giving interviews for the rest of the season. I understand the goal is damage control in an attempt to clean up this media mess. But it’s reached the point where him responding only adds fuel to the flames and makes the entire organization look that much more dysfunctional. It’s not as if Howard and Van Gundy haven’t had several run ins. Plus, the tension in this interview was palpable. Maybe Dwight didn’t say fire. Maybe he just said a new coach would help… technicality. Maybe Stan heard it from someone else in the organization. Another technicality.

Whatever the case, all of this shows why the Magic will not be the preferred destination of free agents looking for a championship to contender to become a part of.