Nike wants NFL athletes to stop customizing cleats or lose endorsement deal

The whole reason a company like Nike signs players up to endorsement deals is to get more exposure for their product. Then, consumers will go purchase them, up goes their profits. This season we’ve seen an uptick in customized cleats on the NFL gridiron. While we as fans love seeing what the players will rock next. Nike is upset that you can’t see the logo.

Per TMZ Sports, several NFL stars have received warnings about wearing the custom versions of their products. They’re even threatening to cancel the deals if players don’t fall in line.

Cleat customization is all the rage in the NFL right now — with big stars like Marshawn Lynch, DeSean Jackson, Terrell Suggs, Reggie Bush and more taking their shoes to famous artists to swag out before games.

But after Nike got word of the customizing fad, they sent out letters to players reminding them that the point of the deal is make sure the Nike Swoosh is visible on TV during games … and customization could get in the way.

The guy that has been making the custom cleats for several players, Marcus Rivero AKA @SolesbySir wants Nike to let him know how he can customize the cleats without causing them to yank his clients’ deals.



It’s crazy, I never imagined this, this adventure I would be on. But looks like people are starting to pay attention. Listen Nike, 786.412.2271 that’s my personal cell, call me tell me how you want my customs to look. I can make it happen. I must say though I’m honored though to catch the attention of a BILLION dollar corporation…… #SolesBySir #1of1 #NEWmissionMakeSWOOSHpop #MomLook #customs

The question you should be asking is how can I get on as a designer in your footwear department. They only want the hot fresh stuff if they can get a piece too. That’s business.

To see the full letter go HERE