NBPA Advises Free Agents To Space Checks Out In Case Of Work Stoppage In 2017

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The NBA Players Association can opt of the current collective bargaining agreement after the 2016-2017 season. With the Clippers selling for $2 billion, the 15-win Milwaukee Bucks selling for $550 million, and TV rights deals continuing to bring in more $$ for team owners. The likelihood that the two sides will need to renegotiate the CBA is high, as players realize they didn’t get the best deal possible in the 2011 lockout.

With that in mind, and the start of NBA free agency beginning today (July 1st) The NBPA has advised it’s players to space their salary payments out in case there’s a work stoppage.

In a letter written by interim executive director Ron Klempner, free agents were advised to use a provision which allows them to be paid over 18 months instead of 12 during the course of a season. The provision was negotiated into the current collective bargaining agreement during the negotiations that ended the 2011 lockout.

“We suggest that you consider including this provision in any multi-year contract you negotiate, specifically for the 2016-17 season,” Klempner wrote. “An 18-month payment schedule for 2016-17 will allow a player to continue receiving paychecks throughout the 2017-18 season, even if the players are lockout that season.”