NBA & Union Scheduled To Meet Monday, Before Start Of Season Canceled

For all the posturing and bravado on Friday about there being no meetings between the NBA and it’s Union before Commissioner David Stern canceled the first two weeks of the NBA season, you had to know that both sides simply wouldn’t let the start of the NBA season slip away that easily.

Sunday for 5 hours, a smaller group consisting of Stern, Union President Derek Fisher, Union Executive Director, Billy Hunter, NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver, owners Peter Holt of San Antonio and Glen Taylor of Minnesota, league senior vice president and deputy general counsel Dan Rube, along with union vice president Maurice Evans of the Washington Wizards, and attorneys Jeffrey Kessler and Ron Klempner.

Stern declined to comment on details from the session but, a second meeting is scheduled for today in New York. The previously scheduled players meeting that was to take place in Los Angeles has been postponed.

While Derek Fisher was guarded with his post meeting comments, “We’re not necessarily any closer than we were,” one has to hope the fact that they are talking is a good sign. It’s down to the wire and everyone knows what’s at stake