NBA Lockout Update: David Stern, Michael Jordan And Decertification

David Stern is issuing threats of an even LOWER offer if the Union doesn’t accept the latest deal the owners have issued.

The owners offer is said to include, a revenue split that could give the players as much as 51 percent and as little as 49 percent – the owners’ next offer after Wednesday, is said to drop to 47 percent of basketball-related income for the players and a “flex” salary cap.

How does that work? Threats as a negotiating tactic?

On the other side, there’s a strong contingent within the union to decertify. Paul Pierce, Deron Williams-who said he wanted to decertify in July, and a few other stars are leading the way.  A petition of 130 signatures- about 3o% of the union would be required. The last word was that at least 50 to 60 players were in favor of it and the belief is that they’ll have the 130 signatures required by Tuesday.

Kiss the entire NBA season goodbye if this has to drag on through the court system. Once the petition is filed, there’s a 45 day waiting period before it can be presented for an actual vote.

Michael Jordan has become an interesting figure in this situation. The legend who currently owns the Charlotte Bobcats, has been one of the most vocal on the owners side in taking a hard stance against the players. But as been par for the course, Jordan said nothing in Saturday’s meeting. Just like he said nothing during the meetings over the all-star break last February.

It’s said union officials were anxious for him to speak up so they could throw his old anti-ownership soundbites back at him from the 90’s. The players are taking to Twitter expressing their shock because their childhood hero isn’t on their side.

I’m not shocked.  Post-NBA Jordan hasn’t exactly been “Like Mike” worthy when we’re talking about the business of the NBA.

1. This is the man that drafted Kwame Brown.

2. Do you remember how the Wizards team was comprised when Jordan was in the front office.

3. Other than his larger than life presence, what has “having Jordan as an owner” done for the Bobcats?

And beyond that, I can’t ride with his denim game.