NBA Commissioner David Stern Takes Over The NBA’s Twitter Account

NBA Commissioner David Stern has put together a media assault-basically to get the word out to NBA players- about the latest deal NBA ownership presented to the union. The deal that has the “50-50” BRI split and would allow for a 72 game NBA season that starts December 15th.

Stern and deputy commissioner, Adam Silver took over the NBA Twitter account yesterday to answer questions about the deal and even put together a powerpoint presentation to inform “the people” of the cool, FAIR deal the owners have offered up.

Fans, media, and  NBA star Dwyane Wade and Spencer Hawes Tweeted questions to the account. Check DWade and Spencer Hawes questions as well as a few others, plus the “deal points” presentation.




Stern is no fool, he knows the NBA’s TV partners (ESPN and TNT) are probably getting antsy, those missing NBA games require a lot of TV inventory to fill and money the NBA will lose. The Union has done a poor job keeping their players informed from the looks of things. This blitz was for the players. Player reps are meeting Monday to gauge the union’s interest in accepting the deal. More than likely, the deal will be shot down. It’s sad that he owners know they’ll win but insist on running up the score on the players union. I wonder what moves the players will make to remove Billy Hunter once this whole situation is resolved.

One question though, how was the @NBA account allowed to respond to DWade and Spencer Hawes, isn’t that against the rules of the lockout?