Money Matters: NFL Player Lives Off $60K Yearly Budget


The average person has a hard time putting together how professional athletes blow through millions of dollars, only to end their professional careers broke.

One member of the Detroit Lions has set a plan in motion that he hopes will work in his favor financially for the long run. Over the past three years, wide receiver Ryan Broyles and his wife Mary Beth live off of $60,000 per year, despite the fact that Ryan signed a rookie contract in 2012 worth more than $3.6 million as a second round pick.


The rest of his money has gone to investments, retirement savings and “securing Broyles’ post-football monetary future.”

Broyles and his wife drive Mazadas – he just recently bought a new one – and purchased their first home in Texas.

The average NFL career lasts 3.5 years, with an expected income of $6 million. Broyles has the right idea.