Miami Heat has the “most loyal” fans in the NBA


I am an information junkie. I love research, gathering facts and forming a hypothesis. But I also am a realest and understand that sometimes information can’t necessarily be taken at face value. Need an example? According to a recent Forbes piece, the Brand Keys Sports Fan Loyalty Index shows that Miami Heat fans are the most loyal fans in the NBA.

Yes those Heat fans that frequently leave the arena half empty. In a sports town that prior to LeBron showing up routinely gave the Miami Dolphins more love than their NBA team. I’d venture to say even the collegiate basketball team at “The U” had more loyalty. However, that’s MY opinion, now let’s get the deets on how they came to this conclusion and check out the top 5 teams. For the record, neither of my teams are located in those slots. They rank the fans in 4 key areas;

  • Pure Entertainment – the Heat absolutely provide that. Especially this season
  • Authenticity
  • Fan bonding
  • History and tradition

the Brand Keys Sports Fan Loyalty Index will remember that it was designed to help professional sports team management identify what drives fan loyalty in their home and national markets, with insights that enable league and team management to identify areas, particularly the emotional ones, that need strategic brand coaching.

So gauging emotional connections by interviewing the fan base and comparing that year to year. I’ll say this about the Heat, it’s easy to love a winner. :giggle:

Check out the top 5 and the bottom 5.

Top-5- 2013                                 2012

1. Miami Heat                                 (#6)

2. San Antonio Spurs                    (#1)

3. New York Knicks                       (#10)

4. Boston Celtics                            (#2)

5. Oklahoma City Thunder/

Brooklyn Nets                                (#5 and #14)


Bottom-5 2013                          2012

30. Charlotte Bobcats                   (#30)

29. Sacramento Kings                   (#29)

28. Minnesota Timberwolves      (#27)

27. Washington Wizards              (#26)

26. Cleveland Cavaliers                (#22)

The NBA as a whole ranks third of the major four leagues as far as fan satisfaction and support. The NFL is first, Baseball and the MLB is second with the NHL coming in last.