Mark Cuban Makes Controversial Comments About Race [Video]


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has never been scared to share his opinions and thoughts on topics, no matter how controversial. True to that, Cuban has set the internet on fire Thursday following the release of an interview with The Inc where he stated that everyone has a bit of prejudice in them and gave examples using a black person wearing a hoodie or a white guy with tatts and a shaved head.


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First and foremost, I think Cuban used a faulty example with the hoodie. That is a trigger so soon after the Trayvon Martin verdict. Having said that, I can’t say that I disagree with his fundamental point. Just the means with which he choose to express it. Honest dialog about race includes admitting or acknowledging certain uncomfortable truths.

Cuban immediately stated when the recordings first dropped that he felt this was a slippery slope in removing Sterling as the owner of the Clippers based simply on that audio. As a business owner, I get what he was alluding to with that. However, Donald has a pattern of behavior that spans over 20 years. The audio was simply a cherry on an ugly sundae that has caused a black eye on the NBA and makes employees and sponsors of the Clippers uncomfortable. A business won’t thrive under those circumstances.

June 3rd is when the owners will vote. I would hope that Mark – who I believe is an incredible businessman and not a bigot – also recognizes what message it sends if he opts to vote for anything other than Sterling’s ownership removal.