Magic Johnson featured on Bloomberg TV’s ‘Game Changers’

Athletes should be required to study the blue print Magic Johnson has laid in his post career. I understand everyone has a different path. But with so many athletes filing for bankruptcy, being sued for various payment defaults and not being prepared for life post playing days, Johnson’s story and the brand he’s built outside of basketball is great model.

Bloomberg TV featured the Hall of famer and newly minted MLB owner on “Bloomberg Game Changers” series. The in-depth documentary focuses on Magic’s post-NBA career. as a world class entrepreneur. The episode includes exclusive interviews with Johnson’s parents, Ervin and Christine, basketball legend Jerry West, NBA Commissioner David Stern and several others.

Magic always had designs of being a “business man” after he was done with basketball. He had a plan for “after” and it didn’t mean he was less focused or passionate during his playing days, it only meant he had a further goal in mind.


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