Magic Johnson And Mark Cuban Both Bidding To Become LA Dodgers New Owners

It’s no secret that I’ve been pom pomming for Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers and help restore them to glory. Iconic franchise, newly minted Superstar player- Matt Kemp, Owww- great stadium location… I can go on and on with reasons why it would be a great look for Cuban. And apparently he agrees as he’s said to be making a bid for the team. But now, a dark horse has pulled a group together to enter the race.

Former Lakers superstar and one of my personal favorite NBA players to ever touch the court, Magic Johnson is also making plans to make a play for the franchise.The former Lakers star and businessman is partnering with Mark Walter, CEO of financial firm Guggenheim Partners, and former Washington Nationals president Stan Kasten on an effort to acquire the team.

Magic owning the team would be epic on several levels. 1. No African-American has ever owned an MLB franchise. How fitting that should it happen, it would be the with the Dodgers, the team that broke the color barrier in the 1940’s with Jackie Robinson. 2. Magic himself is an iconic figure in L.A. both on and off the court. From his Laker playing days to bringing movie thetres, Starbucks franchises and 24 Hour Fitness locations to the hood. Magic has made sure his impact was felt throughout the city of Los Angeles consistently for over 20 years.

Since Frank McCourt filed for bankruptcy, the franchise will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. My hope is that either Cuban or Magic wins the race.