LeBron James Wants Cavs Teammates To Be More Professional

What did LeBron James learn during his time with Pat Riley and the Miami Heat? How to win NBA championships and the importance of a professional work environment.

LeBron is known as the ultimate teammate; all fun and giggles, with the right does of big brother to guide his team to victory. But something happened while he was in Miami. He’s tasted the sweet elixir of a championship, and he knows his legacy needs more. So this season, he’s decided that the Cleveland Cavaliers needs to tighten up and act in a little more adult manner.

Some of the changes LeBron has implemented with the blessing of management per Cleveland.com:

Back in 2010, before LeBron took his talents to South Beach, the Cavs were the kings of the pre-game ritual.

In 2015, Business LeBron says no more getting jiggy for pre-game introductions. The Cavs are all about focus before tip-off.

“It’s just about being focused and preparing for the game. It’s something we did in Miami at certain points. It’s about playing the game the right way and your approach. Staying locked in and being ready to go.”


Remember this scene of JR Smith rolling into Quickens Loans arena during the NBA finals last season? Cherish it, the two-wheel trend has been banned from the arena.

Other areas where LeBron expects his teammates to step their cookies up include punctuality and presentation. Team best dressed belongs to Lebron, Mo Williams and Tristan Thompson. The king wants the rest of the Cavs to take note.

Will LeBron’s new approach be the boost the Cavs need to steam roll the Warriors train?

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photo via Instagram