LeBron James jumps ship from CAA, new agent will be childhood friend Rich Paul

Rich is in the center

One thing you can say about LeBron James “crew,” they aren’t afraid to take an apprentice position, learn the game and then step out on their own. The latest example, Rich Paul – one of the R’s in LeBron’s marketing company, LRMR – word has come down that LeBron will leave his agent Leon Rose at CAA and have Rich take over as his agent. Paul is starting his own company, Klutch Sports management.

Paul started out like most “professional friends” with aspirations of party promoting and modeling (he’s been featured in Roc-A-Wear ads and LeBron’s State Farm commercial – remember the Kid & Play CD discovery) but made the transition to agent a few years ago where he joined CAA.


Paul’s clients include 2010 No. 4 overall pick Tristan Thompson and this year’s No. 2 pick, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. He also represented first-round picks Jonny Flynn, Eric Bledsoe and Cory Joseph.

LeBron’s manager, Maverick Carter cut his teeth with a Nike internship and later came on board as part of the Sports Marketing division as a player rep before forming LRMR. Absorb then create seems to be the motto.

Congratulations to Rich!


Cause acting was NOT it!