Lakers & Kobe Bryant agree to 2-year contract extension


Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers have signed a two-year extension. Kobe is obviously trying to get that sixth ring and with the Lakers heading into free agency next summer and the hope is to land a big free agent that will be open to playing with Kobe for the next two years before they take over the reigns of the Lakers.

“This is a very happy day for Lakers fans and for the Lakers organization,” said Kupchak. “We’ve said all along that our priority and hope was to have Kobe finish his career as a Laker, and this should ensure that that happens. To play 20 years in the NBA, and to do so with the same team, is unprecedented, and quite an accomplishment. Most importantly however, it assures us that one of the best players in the world will remain a Laker, bringing us excellent play and excitement for years to come.”

The financial terms weren’t released yet but, Kobe has previously indicated that the Lakers wouldn’t get him on a discount. But Kobe wants to win and he knows he can’t do that alone so I’m sure he gave a home town discount of some sort. Reports say he’ll still be the highest paid player in the NBA and the deal is worth $48 million.



Kobe recently returned to practice but hasn’t announced when his first game will be.