Kobe Bryant wants Phil Jackson or Mike D’Antoni as next Laker coach

The Lakers went out Friday night and smacked up the Golden State Warriors 101-77  for win number two. Of course following the game, the question everyone wanted answered was who would Kobe like to see coach the Lakers. This is what Mamba had to say on that subject:

“Phil, obviously, you guys know how I feel about Phil,” Bryant said. “The one thing that’s kind of always bothered me is that his last year, I wasn’t able to give him my normal self because I was playing on one leg. That’s always kind of eaten away at me that the last year of his career, I wasn’t able to give him everything I had. He’s too great of a coach to go out that way,” Bryant said. “That’s kind of my personal sentiment.”

“He teaches us the little nuances, the details, the intricacies of the game that just a lot of people just don’t know,” Bryant said. “It’s no fault of their own. When it comes to basketball, he’s a genius level. So it’s tough for anybody to step in those shoes afterwards from players that were raised underneath that tutelage.”

And that’s the thing. Once you reach a certain level, the person that’s coming in to help guide you has to be able to introduce you to something you’ve never seen before. Or give you a different perspective on things you already learned. Perhaps that was Mike Brown’s issue with this Laker team. Nice guy, hard worker but simply over matched for this team.

Dwight Howard has also informed the Lakers he’s interested in playing for Phil Jackson also but when asked about after the game avoided the topic after his last couple of experiences in Orlando he’s learned to steer clear of management decisions.

Pau Gasol also gave Phil the thumbs up.

It’s a two man race. Phil and Mike D’Antoni, I think they both can bring something special to the team as comprised. They both have established connection points to the team. Phil obviously, D’Antoni coached Nash in Phoenix and Kobe in the Olympics. It’s the Lakers, they always have a game plan so I’m sure we’ll see some action soon in that area. In the meantime, let’s ride this wave of momentum to more wins. The team as a unit played much loser last night.