Kobe Bryant & Pau Gasol respond to Mike Brown’s firing

Kobe Bryant stated his “death stare” wasn’t directed towards ex-Lakers head coach, Mike Brown on Wednesday. And that might be true. It did however offer foreshadowing of the inevitable, Mike Brown being fired. Kobe has posted his reaction to Mike Brown’s firing on Facebook:

Tough day. I’ve seen coaches as well as friends come and go. No matter how many years I’ve been playing, it’s still hard to deal with. I had a good relationship with Mike and I will continue to have one. I wish him and his family nothing but the best. I spoke with him today and thanked him for all of his hard work and sacrifice.

As a team, we must focus our energy on tonight’s game. We must block out the weight of today’s news and simply do our jobs to the best of our ability. 

I’m not sure what direction we are heading in next. All I can do is focus on the here and now.
Mamba out

Pau Gasol was spotted after practice in the parking lot and indicated that Mike Brown’s firing was a “Direct message” to everyone.

“It’s a pretty direct message to all of us.  There’s no messing around.”

Mike Brown was spotted at Chik-Fil-A this afternoon, grabbing a snack while giving an interview with CBS’ Jim Hill. Brown released a statement that was extremely classy:

“I have great respect for the Buss family and the Lakers’ storied tradition and I thank them for the opportunity they afforded me.”

What type of performance will the Lakers put out at Staples Center following all the events of Friday.