Justin Timberlake might buy a piece of the Memphis Grizzlies

While we await Justin Timberlake’s return to music – not that I don’t love him as an actor too but I miss his music – the actor/singer is said to be taking his love of basketball to the next level. Timberlake has agreed to join a team of partners in purchasing a minority stake in the Memphis Grizzlies.

The team is in the process of being sold from Michael Heisley to 34-year old CEO of Ubiquiti Networks Robert Pera. Pera has agreed to purchase the team for $350 Million and has at least five other partners local to the Memphis area that would collectively own about one-third of the team.

Timberlake is expected to be an active partner in the vein of Jay-Z with the Nets, Will Smith with the Sixers or even Usher with the Cavs. JT is also one of the owners of MySpace so expect to see some sort of cross promotion there.