Judge dismisses most of Ex NBA Players Union exec Billy Hunter’s lawsuit


The legal battle that ensued between former NBA Players Union Executive Director Billy Hunter and the ex-President, Derek Fisher that developed as a result of the 2011 NBA lockout negotiations has partially been decided.

The judge denied a motion to dismiss Hunter’s core complaint: that the union owes him $10 million after firing him last February. That part of the suit will proceed. But Cotton dismissed 12 of the 14 claims against Fisher and all of the claims against Fisher’s former manager, Jamie Wior.

Hunter claimed that Fisher and Wior had conspired to oust him so that they could take control of the union themselves. Hunter also accused Fisher of secretly conspiring with NBA officials to cut a deal behind his back during the 2011 lockout.

Judge Cotton also dismissed Hunter’s defamation claims against Fisher, but he postponed a decision on two remaining claims, involving breach of contract. Those rulings are expected next week.

The judge ordered Hunter to pay Fisher and Wior’s legal fees.