JR Smith fined $25,000 for hostile language to Pistons Brandon Jennings on Twitter


JR Smith was fined $25,000 for his Twitter tantrum aimed at Pistons guard Brandon Jennings. The semi-one sided beef started because Jennings expressed frustration that JR’s younger brother Chris is in the league, while friends of Jennings like Pooh Jeter and Bobby Brown – both of who have had brief NBA stints – are currently playing overseas.

Smith is tired of defending his brother being signed to the Knicks – many believe it was done to help keep JR in check. The younger Smith said he plans to let his “play do the talking” and will “stay classy.” Meanwhile the Knicks and Pistons meet up this Tuesday.


This is JR’s second fine involving Twitter, his first was in 2012, when he Tweeted a photo out of reality star Tahiry’s thonged booty from his hotel room.


photo via @TeamSwish