Jay Z says most agents are scared of him because they’re lazy


Not many sports agents take a break from the action to shoot a six-hour music video for a single from their new album. The controversal platinum -selling album, “Magna Carter Holy Grail” was officially released this week following a #NewRules marketing plan that saw Samsung phone users receive the album on July 3rd via an app.

Wednesday afternoon, Jay appeared at Pace Gallery, in NYC, for a unique live performance. Jay reportedly performed ‘Picasso Baby’ for a total of SIX hours. He incorporated some ‘live artists’ into the performance like Marina Abramovic and actress Taraji P. Henson. Rapper Wale was on hand as well.


This comes following a Twitter interview where the rapper/agent spent a few hours on the social network answering questions plus, a set of radio interviews Jay did in New York where he discussed why other sports agents are nervous about his arrival in the business and what he brings to the table.


Check a few of the quotes:

On people thinking a rapper isn’t ready to be in the business of sports:

“They have that thing where they think you can only do one thing. We don’t have that. We’re not inflicted with that disease”

On the difference between him and other agents and why they should be nervous:

“These agents acquire the athlete and they do the typical thing. They knock on the same doors. Nike. Do the contract. And then sit back. They don’t do anything else. They’ve been sitting around for 20-30 years. Just not doing anything. So me coming…that’s a problem for them. Because now they have to go to work. They have to wake up. They have to do things. “They don’t want me around because now they have to do something for these athletes. For the most part I’m gonna do more for the athlete”

 Jay also said he believes the reason you see a lot of athletes going broke following their careers is because their representation doesn’t care about them, just the check. 

They take the check and don’t worry about all that. We’re doing ALL OF THAT. We’re almost a better money management firm. And THEN agents. I’m gonna contribute just as much or more to an athlete’s career then they could ever give me.”

Check the entire interview below. the interview starts with a sports question and picks back up again around the 12:40 mark.

Picasso Baby photos via The Jasmine Brand