Jay Z cleared of wrongdoing in recruitment of Jets Geno Smith


“NFL investigations, oh, don’t make me laugh. FBI investigation, we stood up to that.” – Jay Z

Jay Z has been cleared of anything wrong doing by the NFL’s Players Association, following an investigation for the recruitment of Jets rookie QB Geno Smith. Jay was accused of violating the “runner rule”.  Jay, whose real name is Shawn Carter, is not a certified NFL agent, was said to have recruited Smith against union rules before the 2013 draft.

The NFLPA did send out an updated memo however, reminding everyone about the specifics of the “runner rule”

the NFLPA clarified the so-called “runner rule,” saying it permits non-certified associates to attend an introductory meeting with potential clients to present the full range of services offered by the agency.

The meeting must take place at the agent’s place of business and is limited to one per potential client. No further contact may occur between the potential client and the agent’s uncertified business associates.

“Additionally,” the memo said, “it must be made abundantly clear to the potential player client that only the Certified Contract Advisor can advise the player on his NFL Player Contract, and only the Certified Contract Advisor can negotiate with NFL teams.”