James Harden Officially On Board With Adidas For $200 Million


You can now add $200 million dollar man to James Harden’s list of accolades. Harden will officially be making the switch from the swoosh to three stripes.

Adidas offered the beard $200 million dollars to sign, and per ESPN’s Darren Rovell Harden will begin a 13-year contract with the company starting October 1st.

Harden never had a signature shoe during his six years with Nike. Adidas is once again trying to shore up their position in the basketball market. They are currently third in the U.S. behind Nike and Under Armour, with 3% of the basketball market. Harden’s deal tops Derrick Rose’s 12-year-$143-million deal signed in 2012.

As of now, Harden will average $16.78 million on his final three years of his deal with the Rockets and $15.38 million annually from Adidas. But if Harden hits certain benchmarks, it’s possible he will earn more annually from Adidas than the Rockets.

And he’s dating Khloé Kardashian. Expect The Beard to be everywhere.