Jameis Winston denies rape allegation in statement


FSU quarterback Jameis Winston gives his account of what happened the night he was accused of rape in December 2012. The information was revealed via statement during his student conduct hearing that took place earlier this week.

Winston maintains that every interaction that evening was consensual.

In the late evening of December 6, 2012 or the early morning of December 7, 2012, Chris Casher, Ron Darby, and I arrived at Potbelly’s. Many of my teammates were also at Potbelly’s. At some point, I noticed an attractive girl dancing on the dance floor. A few teammates and I started dancing as well and I worked my way over to this girl and made small talk with her as we started dancing together. I asked her for her name and she asked me for mine. I told her my name. She said her name was “(NAME REDACTED).” To the best of my recollection, (NAME REDACTED) and I danced together for approximately 10 minutes. When we finished dancing, we continued to talk and I asked (NAME REDACTED) for her telephone number. It was loud in Potbelly’s, so, rather than yelling her telephone number at me, (NAME REDACTED) took my cellular phone and entered her telephone number into my phone.

After (NAME REDACTED) entered her telephone number into my cell phone, we talked some more. I mentioned something about staying in touch or getting together later and then I went to mingle with my friends. Chris saw me talking to (NAME REDACTED) at the bar and told me he had already gotten (NAME REDACTED) number from (NAME REDACTED).

I did not buy (NAME REDACTED) a drink. I did not give (NAME REDACTED) a drink of any kind. I did not give her a shot of any kind. I did not give or offer to give any drugs to (NAME REDACTED).

Around the time Potbelly’s was closing, Chris, Ron and I left Potbelly’s and socialized in front of Potbelly’s. Chris and I thought that (NAME REDACTED) was interested in both of us. I decided to send (NAME REDACTED) a text message letting her know that I was leaving and asking her whether she was ready to leave. Given our prior interaction and her response, I believe that it was clear to (NAME REDACTED) that my intent with the text was to find out whether she wanted to leave and go home with me. (NAME REDACTED) replied to my text saying in substance that she was ready to leave and was coming outside.

Chris, Ron and I were standing next to a taxi cab when (NAME REDACTED) came outside and voluntarily walked over to us. I do not recall exactly what was said, but we made it clear that we were leaving and (NAME REDACTED) made it clear that she wanted to leave with us. Since Potbelly’s was closing, there were a bunch of students outside of Potbelly’s, around the outside bar, and there were a bunch of taxicabs parked at the curb in front of Potbelly’s.(NAME REDACTED) voluntarily left with us.

(NAME REDACTED) was not “taken,” forced, or “coerced” into the taxicab. She was fully aware of what was happening; she voluntarily left Potbelly’s in response to my text and she voluntarily got into the taxicab. If (NAME REDACTED) had protested, then I would have left her at Potbelly’s. Additionally, if she had protested, the students and taxi cab drivers in front of Potbelly’s would have heard her. (NAME REDACTED) was fully aware of her actions and she did not protest at all. (NAME REDACTED) left with us voluntarily.

The taxi cab ride to my apartment took roughly five minutes. During the ride, everyone was cheerful and talking. We asked (NAME REDACTED) if she had any friends who might want to come to our place and join us. I recall that she was calling some friends to come to our apartment.

Chris and I lived together in an apartment on the first floor of the Legacy Suites. After we arrived, (NAME REDACTED), Chris, Ron, and I went into my apartment.

Almost immediately upon our arrival, (NAME REDACTED) and I went into my bedroom. We were standing facing each other, kissing and touching each other’s bodies. I eventually asked (NAME REDACTED) if she would perform oral sex on me. She said that she would. The lights in my bedroom were on and (NAME REDACTED) willingly performed oral sex on me. While (NAME REDACTED) was performing oral sex, I was close enough to my dresser to reach over to it, open a drawer, and retrieve a condom.

(NAME REDACTED) and I also engaged in intense foreplay and heavy petting during the same period that she was performing oral sex. I was with her on the bed during foreplay and I may have ejaculated a small amount of semen onto her clothing. (NAME REDACTED) assisted me in putting on the condom. I stood on the floor with (NAME REDACTED) on the bed and we engaged in consensual sexual intercourse. After sometime in this position, we changed positions. I got on my bed on my back and (NAME REDACTED) got on top of me. (NAME REDACTED) conduct and other verbal expressions left no doubt that our sex was consensual.

I recall hearing Chris and Ron outside of my room. The door to my room was broken so the door could not close fully or be locked. At some point, Chris came into the room. (NAME REDACTED), who was still on top of me, saw Chris and told him to get out of the room.

Chris left voluntarily. Chris did not tell me to stop having sex with (NAME REDACTED). Chris did not do or say anything to try to persuade me to stop having sex with (NAME REDACTED). (NAME REDACTED) did not do or say anything to Chris to express or indicate that she was being forced to have sex with me. In fact, after Chris left the room, (NAME REDACTED) got up to close the door completely. I told her that the door was broken and did not close all of the way or lock. (NAME REDACTED) then turned the lights off and returned to me.

Thereafter, either Ron or Chris pushed the door open as a prank. (NAME REDACTED) asked me if there was any way we could have more privacy. I took her into my bathroom. While in the bathroom, we began to have consensual sex again and eventually concluded having sex. After we finished having sex, we stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes talking and she then indicated that she was ready to leave.

(NAME REDACTED) dressed herself. While she was dressing, I asked (NAME REDACTED) where she lived and she told me that her place was not far from mine. I also got dressed and we left my apartment and got on my scooter. (NAME REDACTED) sat behind me on the scooter and wrapped her arms around my waist. After a short ride, perhaps three to five minutes, we arrived at the curb in front of Salley Hall. When I stopped at the curb, (NAME REDACTED) got off the scooter, gave me a hug, and walked through the Salley Hall walkway to her dorm, Kellum Hall.

Other than asking Chris to leave the room, (NAME REDACTED) did not say or do anything to express or indicate that she was upset about anything that occurred before, during, or after consensual sexual activities. From the time I met (NAME REDACTED) at Potbelly’s to the time that I dropped her off at her dormitory, (NAME REDACTED) was fully aware of her surroundings and in control of all of her faculties. She was responsive and communicative. She had a pleasant personality and was fun to be with. During our consensual sexual interactions, (NAME REDACTED) engaged in sexual talk and took other actions that made it clear that the sex was consensual and that she was enjoying having sex with me. If (NAME REDACTED) did not want to have oral sex or intercourse with me, she was fully capable of expressing it to me, the taxicab drivers, the numerous students outside of Potbelly’s, Chris, and/or Ron. Had she done so, I would have stopped immediately.

Rape is a vicious crime. The only thing as vicious as rape is falsely accusing someone of rape. (NAME REDACTED) and her lawyers have falsely accused me, threatened to sue me, demanded $7,000,000 from me, engaged in a destructive media campaign against me, and manipulated this process to the point that my rights have and will continue to be severely compromised. (NAME REDACTED) and her lawyers’ public campaign to vilify me guarantees that her false allegations will follow me for the rest of my life.