Is Giants WR Victor Cruz working on a business deal with Jay Z?


photo via NY Daily News

When Giants receiver Victor Cruz broke out his salsa last season, it was fun and felt fresh. He was a new face on the scene and everybody loves the new guy especially as everyone else was attempting to teach the world how to “dougie.” But after a record setting season and being on everyone’s red carpet “salsaing” his way through every interview, it became tired.

On Sunday Cruz hit the endzone three times when the Giants put down the Cleveland Browns. He added a slight tweak to his touchdown ritual, throwing up “The Roc” diamond – as in JAY Z for the uninformed. While this isn’t that big of a modification on his signature move, it could be a hint that something bigger is in the works between Cruz & Jay Z. When asked about it, Cruz was gave a pretty nondescript reply but said we should stay tuned:

“A little bit, a little bit. I’d rather keep that under wraps. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet.” Asked if he’ll provide any clarity soon, Cruz said, “We’ll see in the upcoming weeks what happens.”

Hmmmm, we know how Jay has closely impacted the NBA, could the NFL be next on his ever expanding agenda? Cruz is working on getting more Latinos to the polls to re-elect President Obama, Jay hosted a fundraiser for the President recently… Just pointing out the cross sections.