Erin Andrews Awarded $55 Million from Peep Hole Video Civil Suit

Sports reporter Erin Andrews has won her civil lawsuit against the company that owns the hotel where a stalker recorded her in 2008 through the peep hole in her room.

A jury awarded her $55 million- the owner and operator of the Nashville Marriott will pay $26.75 million to Andrews.

The stalker, a former insurance investor, Michael David Barrett was more culpable, finding him 51 percent at fault and has to pay her $28 million of the award.

Andrews sued for $75 million.

The defense claimed that Andrews wasn’t harmed from the incident, that she actually got a career boost.

“Her career skyrocketed,” he said. “Her income went up. So all the benchmarks that you would look to that would indicate whether someone had a serious mental injury, from our perspective did not exist.”

Andrews was on assignment in Nashville to cover a college football game when Barrett checked into the hotel, requested a room next to hers and then doctored her peephole, allowing him to record a 4 ¹/₂-minute video of her after showering with his cell phone’s camera.

TMZ declined to buy the footage in 2009, so Barrett decided to post it online where it went viral.