Dwight Howard’s agent Dan Fegan confirms he’s the source of media leaks

NBA Commissioner David Stern spoke about the Dwight Howard saga this week and said he didn’t mind all the drama but accused someone in Dwight’s camp of leaking info to the media. In a strange turn of events, Howard’s agent, Dan Fegan has come put and confirmed that he was in fact the “deep throat” who leaked details of Dwight’s meeting with the Magic in LA.

Fegan maintains he only did so AFTER media sources were tipped that the meeting was in fact happening by some other nebulous source. He says the point of his leak was so that factual information was put into circulation…

OK. Like I said, this whole thing is DUMB and far worst than LeBron’s “decision.” I wish they would pick a plan and act on it, IN SILENCE. At this point how can you take either side seriously?

Fegan’s other clients include Gilbert Arenas, Kris Humphries, John Wall, Delonte West and Jason Terry.