Dwight Howard wants to be traded to the Nets before the draft?

We’ve heard rumors of Nets point guard, Deron Williams, only having an interest in two teams for his pending free agency. Now comes word that Dwight Howard might be trying to get a trade to the Nets before Thursday’s draft to help coax Williams with his free agent destination selection.

Dwight Howard is signed through the 2012-13 season, but another fallout with management has left him wanting a trade soon. Howard will push for a trade to the Brooklyn Nets before the June 28 NBA draft to clear the way for Nets free agent Deron Williams to re-sign with the Nets and partner in the new Brooklyn arena next season.

This is the exact reason why I would’ve traded Dwight Howard from the Magic. The team is heading into the draft in limbo. Their new GM Rob Hennigan just got rid of most of the previous staff and scouts.

 Assistant General Manager Dave Twardzik and six scouts. In addition to Twardzik, regional scout Tom Conrad, international scout Rudy D’Amico, international scouting coordinator Sam Foggin, pro scout Bob Staak, regional scout Greg Stratton and NBA advance scout Al Walker were let go, team spokesman Joel Glass confirmed.

Remember, there will be a new head coach in place as well. Everything is brand new, except your Superstar. Plans A and B need to be running at all times.