Drake Says Jay Z Is “Somewhere Eating Fondue” During Raptors vs. Nets Telecast [Video]


So, Drake is the Global Brand Ambassador of the Toronto Raptors. Jay Z  was a minority owner of the Brooklyn Nets and left his imprint on the franchise. He’s also from Brooklyn. The two teams are facing off against each other in the first round of the 2014 NBA playoffs. This is the Raptors first post-season appearance since 2008. Naturally that means everyone involved with the franchise is pumped up! The Raps GM yelled “F**k Brooklyn and then this happened in the third quarter of Game 1.

Drake made the comment that Jay Z is off somewhere “eating fondue,” while Drake is in the trenches – well courtside – cheering on his Raptors.


I’m already in love with this year’s playoffs and we’re only one game in.