Donald Sterling Ready To Fight The NBA


Donald Sterling has responded to the NBA’s plan to oust him as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. In a 32 page document, Sterling and his lawyers take the position that a private conversation which was essentially a lovers quarrel, that was also illegally recorded, is not enough to remove him as owner of the franchise.


“I believe what they’ve done is illegal and it will not hold up in court,” Blecher told ESPN. “I believe what they’re doing is a blatant invasion of his constitutional rights because they’re using a tape recording that he did not consent to, and under California law, that recording cannot be used for any purpose, for any proceeding.

“So if the basis of their case is illegal evidence, they don’t have much of a case. …The whole thing is a pile of garbage.”

On his convo with V. Stivano

“This was an argument by a jealous man and the woman he loved that never should have left the privacy of the living room,” the response reads. “And while Mr. Sterling said some terrible words in the passion of the argument — as he had already publicly admitted and for which he has apologized — he has not taken a ‘position’ or an ‘action.'”

His lawyer even mentioned Jay Z and Beyoncé


Sterling is also denying he gave his estranged wife Shelly Sterling, the green light to negotiate the sale of the franchise. Bank of America is reportedly been hired to handle the sale of the Clippers which is expected to top the $1 billion mark.

If you’re interested in reading the entire document via USA Today, go HERE