Donald Sterling Declared Mentally Unfit has Alzheimer’s


Ever since the leaked recordings of Donald Sterling dropped in April, there have been questions regarding his health and mental capacity.

Sterling was banned for life from the NBA and reportedly on May 22nd signed his ownership interest over to his estranged wife Rochelle “Shelly” Sterling. Late Thursday evening it was announced that Shelly had completed the $2 Billion sale of the team to ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer.

Donald’s lawyer said that Sterling hadn’t signed off on the sale and still planned to move forward with a lawsuit against the NBA to retain ownership. But now word has come out that the Sterling Trust has declared Donald mental incapacity. That means the trust has control of business decisions and, as long as the NBA approves of the sale, Sterling is out of the NBA business and $1.34 billion richer after paying capital gains taxes.

Donald Sterling has Alzheimer’s and that’s why doctors declared he is incompetent to have a voice in the sale of the L.A. Clippers … TMZ Sports has learned.

Sources connected with the Sterling family tell TMZ … the trust agreement that governs the family’s ownership of the team provides if 2 qualified doctors determine either Donald or Shelly shows “an inability to conduct business affairs in a reasonable and normal manner” … they will then be stripped of control over the team.

This would certainly put a pretty bow on an ugly situation. And, save the owners from having to vote one of their own out. Plus, if there are more owners who secretly feel as Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban does – and it’s pretty clear he’s not interested in voting Sterling out for selfish, but logical reasons. i.e. if I vote him out because he got caught saying something “stupid” illegally, I’d be a hypocrite and possibly next one day – they’d have to deal with the wrath of fans for backing a bigot.