Donald Sterling Comments: “I Wish I Would’ve Just Paid Her Off”

Donald Sterling

Estranged Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has finally spoken out. In his brief comments to Jason Binn – owner of “Dujour” magazine – Sterling has zero remorse and his comments will only go to show why he shouldn’t be given the benefit of the doubt.


Sterling said  “I wish I had just paid her off.””
No remorse, no “I’m sorry, just that. Sterling also said the only interview he wants to do is with Barbara Walters and the NBA. We know he’s a lawyer and built his fortune in real state and “ambulance chasing” so a potential legal battle is expected.

People that complain that Sterling won’t be hurt by the lifetime ban of the NBA don’t understand how much of Sterling’s ego is wrapped up in being the owner of an NBA franchise. Financially, its hard to make an impact on a man of his means. But taking away his favorite toy hurts.

Karrine-V 7.14.04 AM

V. Stivano is maintaining that she did not leak the tapes. That they were made with Sterling’s consent last September. Stivano’s “associate” Karrine Steffans said that Stivano is writing a book about her life and was aware of Karrine’s history as a best selling author. But Karrine claims she isn’t helping her with her book and doesn’t agree with her methods. Hit the flip to see Karrine’s thoughts on the matter.