Donald Sterling Blasts Dr. Who Labeled Him Incompetent [Audio]

Can’t stop, won’t stop seems to be estranged Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling’s motto. Sterling is still trying to hold on to the Los Angeles Clippers and is now lashing out at the Dr. his wife, Shelly Sterling, hired to examine his mental capabilities.

Sterling has flip-flopped about suing the NBA, he’s allegedly threatened Shelly and her lawyers, going as far as saying “he will take them out.” You’d think he’d learn that his voice mails will always be leaked at this point.

Add another classic to the Donald Sterling voice mail saga.  Sterling claims this whole thing was a conspiracy plot between Shelly and the doctors to take the Clippers away from him. He even calls the doctor a tramp.


This plus all the dates with random black women… Donald Sterling’s ego is so bruised behind loosing the Clippers. He’s going to spend his last days trying to get that feeling back.


video via TMZ