D’Angelo Russell Makes Fun Of Cell Phone Video Incident

Lakers‘ guard D’Angelo Russell learned a few things last season about trust and how your cell phone isn’t always your friend. But now, Footlocker and D’Angelo took a cue from Beyoncé and turned lemons into lemonade with there new spot.

In it prospective number one NBA Draft pick Ben Simmons gets a few tips on what life will be like in the NBA from the sophomore class including Karl-Anthony Townes and Devin Booker.

Meanwhile, Nick and Iggy have called it quits. The blue Impala Iggy gave Nick for Christmas a few years ago was towed away from the house and his belongings were spotted on the curb too.


Never fear though, Gilbert Arenas to the rescue. He left a message for Nick on IG and is looking for nice wholesome young ladies to DM their prices… wink


Oh @swaggyp1 i guess u wont be invited to YO #bachelorparty either ????????????????#gotdumped BUT dont worry nigha i got you…#bachleorparty just turned into #TheBreakUpParty at#Samsstripclub we about to be in there with a pocket full of (1’s) with no draws on???????? Nick i know you gonna #RawDoggya few PLAYA….sorry ladies but (having sex with a condom on is like,eating your favorite food with a balloon on your tongue????????u gonna get full but you AINT gonna taste SHIT) #HowWasMyPus*Y?(B!TCH i dont KNOW)????????????#DmYoVaginaPrices hahaha

If you’re wondering if Nick has seen the commercial, a Tweet tells a story…