Clippers say Chris Paul not to blame for Vinny Del negro firing


Uh Oh, the LA Clippers brass have managed to piss off Chris Paul right before his free agency negotiations begin next month. When Clippers head coach Vinny Del Negro was fired, many assumed that it was on CP3’s list of things to make him stay on with the Clippers. Paul wasn’t happy that he was taking the blame and Clippers Vice President of Basketball Operations, Gary Sacks wanted to make it clear that it was strictly an “organizational decision.”

“It was my conclusion that a change needed to be made,” Sacks told the Los Angeles Times in a phone interview Friday. “Ultimately, the decision was made by myself and the front office,” Sacks said. “It had nothing whatsoever to do with any players. It was an organizational decision the entire time, from the beginning to the end. All this other stuff that’s out there, to me, it’s just ridiculous.”

CP3’s former Hornet’s head coach Byron Scott is said to be in the mix for the Clippers head coaching gig. Along with Jeff Van Gundy and Pacers assistant, Brian Shaw.