Celtics deny Clippers permission to speak with Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers

Looks like Doc Rivers will not be headed to the west. After news broke that the Clippers and Doc had a mutual interest, the reality has kicked in and the Celtics have reportedly denied the Clips permission to speak with their head coach.

Per the Boston Herald: “According to a source, Celtics president Danny Ainge denied a request from the Clippers to talk to Rivers earlier this week. As reported in today’s Herald, the Celtics coach is now said to be open to other coaching possibilities after initially saying he would either coach his team of the last nine years or take time off. But Ainge has adamantly turned down all official outreach. He has now said no to two teams – the Nets and Clippers. A third team, Memphis, is also said to be interested in talking to Rivers, though that organization has not contacted Celtics management.

So what happens now with Doc? He doesn’t have an interest in coaching a rebuilding team and LA as a destination was quite appealing. Will he sit out a year and see what’s available then?