Black Monday: Fired NFL Coaches 2017

Chip Kelly – Fired on January 1st

The Chip Kelly NFL experiment needs to end in San Francisco. After three ego ridden years in Philadelphia, and an absolute train wreck with the 49ers this season, it’s clear that Kelly’s run and gun doesn’t work in the NFL. Sure, it’s a lot of fun to watch at times, but once defenses get a bead on all the formations, Kelly’s vaunted offense is dead in the water.

Not to mention that by all accounts, staff and players feel bullied by Kelly’s autocratic style. That might go over in college, but with grown-ups it’s another story. It’s time for Chip Kelly to return to the amateur ranks.

Kelly was fired on New Year’s Day after one season with the Niners along with GM Trent Baalke.

Mike McCoy – Fired January 1st

In all reality, it’s a tough situation for the Chargers’ Mike McCoy. His team has incurred an absurd number of injuries since he took over last year, and it’s hard to blame the coach when this happens. But in the end, it’s results that matter, and 10-11 wins over two season just won’t cut it in today’s win now NFL climate.

The Chargers have lost a disproportionate number of close games under McCoy. This suggests to fans that the teams has adequate talent despite the injuries. Fair or not, the coach will always be blamed for his teams folding the fourth quarter. Look for McCoy to land softly elsewhere.

The Chargers fired McCoy after four seasons following Sunday’s loss that left the team with at 5-11 for the season.

“Mike McCoy is a man of high character, and we thank him for his dedication to the Chargers,” team president John Spanos said. “The decision to dismiss Mike was made in the best interests of our franchise. Our team’s disappointing performance has not matched this team’s potential and has fallen short of the demanding standards that we seek to impose throughout our organization. Our comprehensive search for a new head coach begins immediately.”