America’s New Pastime: the NFL

The game of baseball is as old as time. The problem is the fans of the game are as well. In a world where instant gratification is the way of life, baseball’s slow approach isn’t as kid friendly as it once was. Sure, every kid grows up playing little league, but they usually lose interest. Kids today do not have the attention span to watch a full game of baseball. This isn’t the kids’ fault, but the world they live in.

Football is the polar opposite of baseball and is full of action, loud noises and pretty girls. What more could a kid want? The NFL is everywhere and has solidified itself as the most exciting game in America today. But does this mean it is America’s new favorite pastime?

No. Baseball always has and always will be Americas game. When you think about this great country, three things come to mind: Apple Pie, tall buildings and the game of baseball. Baseball isn’t just America’s game because of how long it’s been around, but because of what it represents. Look around at any MLB field, there are players from all around the world coming together to play for one team. The MLB is the melting pot of the world, just like America.

The game has more meaning to the people than just a ballgame. It is about family. On any given day, look around an MLB stadium. It is full of families. The game will never be as exciting or action packed as an NFL game, but what it represents means much more. The MLB is a league full of history and breaking societal norms. Whether it be breaking the color barrier in sports or any of their other revolutionary breakthroughs, baseball is progressive.

When describing the United States, would you rather be compared to the MLB or NFL? If you answered the NFL, then this country is certainly going to be in some trouble. Baseball represents a class and refinement of sportsmanship that we should always aspire to represent our culture.

– Michael Hersey