Which Basketball Wives Cast Member Won’t Return For Season 3

I can’t say the news that Suzie Ketcham won’t return for season 3 of Basketball Wives is shocking. Since Evelyn booted her out of “The Circle”, Suzie seems to have lost all her mojo from season 1.

Perhaps she’s just maturing but per TMZ,  a source close to the production revealed that shooting the show was draining and Suzie “couldn’t take the heat” as a reality star anymore.

In addition to that, the random people trash-talking her on Twitter didn’t help either.

I understand, who wants to be forced to be around people they don’t care for? I hope she got something out of the experience. Personal growth isn’t a bad parting gift.

Clearly she’s not cut out for the spotlight. Shaunie seemed happy about it, or maybe it’s just a coincidence that she tweeted this: