What’s A Botched Super Bowl Ticket Worth?

Super Bowl XLV ended up being the most-watched TV show ever with a 162.9 million viewers, up from last year’s 153.4 million.

For 400 of the viewers who showed up at the stadium thinking they were going to have have seats only to discover the fire marshal didn’t approve the seating, their anger was soothed by an experience of a lifetime;

Big disappointment they had to watch the game in a tent, however the NFL and Jerry Jones handled it correctly. In addition to receiving triple the face value of  the ticket ($2,400), they also were allowed on field post game, received free merchandise, food, beverage, and a free ticket to Super Bowl 46 in Indiana, all in place before the confetti was picked up from the field.

But there are still many that weren’t happy with the way it was handled. There is even a website, Superbowlsuit.com that’s fielding inquiries and media requests. And so it continues!