What Do Beyonce & Kobe Bryant Have In Common?

It’s a pretty big deal that a POP Star is getting an interview on ESPN. Guys don’t really care that Beyonce considers herself an athlete because of the grind of touring.

Beyonce also covers why Kobe, Serena Williams and Manny Pacquio are her favorite athletes. She believes they all share a common desire to be the best at what they do. And the perk that her Husband, Jay Z, owning a percentage of the Nets brings her; Courtside seats.

I watched her special on Thanksgiving night and what she gives in a performance is CRAZY! She makes me want to have a mandatory wind machine installed for all my entrances (with a 24 inch weave to whip back and forth of course)

Oh and her tip for practicing in stilettos (Man socks) can also be used for breaking them in as well. The pleasure and pain  of rocking a hot shoe.